Clients who are engaged in activities subject to substantial government regulation have a need to understand how proposed legislation and regulations may affect their business. We also recognize that regulation not only comes from written statutes and rules but also from unwritten interpretations and policies of the administering agencies.

We seek to educate our clients on the legislative and regulatory process at both the federal and state level. Moreover, we have the capability to analyze proposed legislation and regulations not only in context of existing statues but also how it may affect our clients’ business.

Sometimes legislative or regulatory proposals are drafted in a manner which could have unintended consequences. We are able to identify these potential problems and work on our clients’ behalf toward a positive resolution.

Our attorneys have significant experience in the Legislative and Executive Branches of Pennsylvania State Government. They have authored numerous pieces of legislation and regulations, and are intimately familiar with the legislative and regulatory process in Pennsylvania, including working with legislative standing committees and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

We offer clients